Batteries For Solar Power Systems

Do I need to add a battery to my solar system?

When the prospect of adding a new solar energy system is raised, most people question whether they need solar batteries. In some cases, the use of solar batteries makes sense. Though solar batteries are fairly expensive, they provide a nearly invaluable peace of mind. Solar batteries certainly come in handy when there is a power outage, a major storm or other inclement weather.

The use of a solar battery as a component of a solar PV system allows for the storage of extra electricity produced by the panels for later use. The greater the battery capacity, the more solar power that can be stored.

Wondering if your current solar system is capable of accepting more batteries? To know if your solar system is battery storage ready, you’ll need to ensure your current inverter is a hybrid. A standard solar system inverter can only convert DC power your solar system generates into AC power. A hybrid inverter can store DC power in the batteries and then convert it into AC power to supply power.

The addition of a solar battery to your solar energy system provides valuable reassurance that you will have the power you need no matter what. Solar batteries hold onto that extra energy produced by solar panels rather than redirecting it to the electrical grid. This way, if you need more electricity than that generated by the solar panels, the solar batteries’ energy will be readily available for your use.

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