Cost - Efficient Aqueous Carbon Capture
We have one planet Earth, lets protect it for our future generations

We believe Net-Zero is good, yet Net-Negative is better.

The solution to climate change is low-cost CO2 Capture. Using patented technology, we have the ability to decarbonize our planets atmosphere and make a positive impact for generations to come with the most efficient system in the carbon capture space.

We work with farmers, manufacturers and oil asset owners to create scalable, profitable carbon capture systems.

Biogas Upgrading with Aqueous Compression and CO2 Capture

Over 145 million tons of food waste goes to landfills each year,
becoming an uncontrolled source of methane to the atmosphere (EPA, 2020)

Our Low-Cost Aqueous Carbon Capture System Removes CO2, H2S, and Siloxane from Digester Produced Biogas.

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