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Solar energy can be produced even in the most extreme climates – to the snowy, wintery days of the Northeast to even cloudy rainy climate of the Pacific Northwest. Our high-efficient solar panels can convert both direct and indirect light into electricity – so it works even on cloudy days.

Not all Solar Panels are alike – there are a wide variety of panels on the market with varying levels of efficiency, durability, reliability, and output. That’s why we recommend and are an authorized dealer for SunPower solar PV panels. Backed by the best-in-industry 25-year Power and Product Warranty for home or commercial use, the SunPower solar PV panels will last for decades to come.

Your System is installed with professional care. We have over 20 years combined experience installing all types of racking systems. The Racking Systems are installed with a roof water-tight method, we call flashing. Approved by all shingle manufacturers, flashing prevents any form of water penetration into the home or business.

Since solar panels have little to no moving parts, the maintenance costs for these systems remains relatively low. However, solar panels are exposed to dirt, debris, and pollution. Therefore, most solar panel manufacturers recommend you clean your solar PV array approximately every six months. Regular cleaning can be done by either you or us or by any window cleaning company specializing in solar array cleaning.

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