Solar Energy 101

Financing for Solar Energy

Our team is here to help you finance your solar energy system installation. Whether you own a home or a business, we have the financing solutions you need to maximize your return on investment. We provide our residential customers with a number of solar loan solutions, some of which are available at 0% down.

Solar loans are advantageous as they empower you, the homeowner, to own the solar array from day one. This ownership ensures you retain all incentives on the state and federal levels including those provided by the utility company.

Ownership also provides a better return on investment compared to making lease payments. There is absolutely no lien on your home. Rather, the solar loan merely requires the filing of a UCC-1.

The addition of solar energy provides an instantaneous value boost to your property, empowering you to sell the home faster than expected when the solar asset is owned.  In fact, you can pay off the loan as quickly as desired without a termination penalty.

Commercial customers have several financing solutions available including a low-rate loan across a period of years ranging between seven and fifteen years.  Commercial systems may also qualify for 100% financing, as long as the financials of the off-taker will qualify.  Commercial leasing is also an option. 

Opt to lease and you will enjoy lower payments as time progresses.  Our team even works with private investors to show how an investment in a solar energy solution can provide a fantastic return.  The structure of this financing can prove mutually beneficial for the customer as well as the investor. 

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