Power Factor Correction

Electricity is likely one of your business’s highest costs.

This is precisely why ensuring your system operates as efficiently as possible is so important. Maximum system efficiency saves your company money on energy while simultaneously reducing your carbon footprint.

Power factor correction is centered on bringing the power factor as close as possible to the value of unity to maximize your company’s electricity efficiency. When inductive loads increase, the power factor is subsequently decreased, forcing your organization to tap into and pay for non-working, reactive electricity that you do not actually use.

The benefits of power factor correction are lower demand charges from your electric utility provider, increased load carrying capabilities on your existing circuits, improved power system losses, and a reduction in your carbon footprint. A combination of all these benefits will ensure a reduction in your electric bill.

Boosts Equipment Performance

Ensuring the efficiency of your system is one of the best ways to conserve energy and reduce your company’s carbon footprint. The goal is to avoid a low power factor.

Aside from keeping your costs in check and heightening your company’s efficiency, a low power factor also boosts your organization’s electrical equipment’s performance. Even if you are not actively looking for ways to reduce your company’s electric bill, power factor correction will come in handy if your organization experiences:

Power factor correction maximizes the existing capacity for current-carrying

Furthermore, if you find your transformers, cabling and/or switches overheat, you can benefit from power factor correction. Power factor correction maximizes the existing capacity for current-carrying, enhances voltage to your company’s equipment, minimizes power loss and perhaps most importantly, decreases your company’s electricity bills.

Give our power factor correction a try and you will find the benefits outweigh the initial costs in surprisingly little time, making this investment worth every penny and then some. If you are unsure if your business can benefit from power factor correction, simply reach out to us and we will measure your organization’s current power factor to gauge
whether one or several power factor corrections unit(s) will prove helpful.

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