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Ready for a Smarter Home?

If you are on the prowl for smart home solutions for your residence, we’ve got you covered. From remote monitoring applications to remote controlled thermostats, EV charging stations, LED lighting replacements and solar lightning arrestors, we are on the cutting edge of the smart home industry.

No two homes require exactly the same smart home technologies- this is why our team takes no shortcuts in custom tailoring each energy system for our individual customers.

Our smart home solutions are not limited to the standard solar panels provided by others. We design and install solar energy panels complete with comprehensive monitoring systems with the latest residential and commercial technologies. Installing a solar energy system can even increase the value of your home or business. Why not do your part to decrease your consumption of electricity, reduce your energy bill, and more importantly, save the environment?

Solar technology has advanced to the point that it is possible to implement software monitoring systems that reveal home power consumption compared to the consumption of solar energy power.

The addition of Smart Home Solutions helps decrease the yearly electric consumption, converting the house to a digital application. Truly Smart Home Solutions provide comprehensive monitoring systems along with charging stations for electric vehicles, HVAC motor power conditioning, surge protection, remote lighting applications and more.

Our team is even capable of installing intelligent business solutions at commercial facilities. Our monitoring systems are available for myriad applications, allowing for the tracking of circuits throughout the facility to determine where power is being maxed out and how power issues can be remedied. Keep in mind, around 10% of a commercial facility’s yearly electric consumption is derived from wasted electric, also known as phantom power. This is the power our team can pinpoint and reduce, which reduces with your net operating costs to run your business.

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