Solar Parking Structure

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It is possible to add solar energy systems atop covered parking. In fact, parking lots are often the perfect location for solar panel systems as they are out in the open and receive an abundance of sunlight. Parking garage rooftops are also optimal as they are large, unobstructed and un-shaded.

The addition of a solar array canopy atop your parking garage or other covered parking space maximizes the efficiency of your property. Adding a covering provides the extra benefit of keeping vehicles cool. In fact, this approach also provides the opportunity to add charging stations where employees and visitors can plug in their electric vehicles for a quick charge.

Solar array canopies and other solar parking structures are quickly gaining favor with the masses as they hike energy production. Solar arrays are usually a couple rows wide when added to rooftops. Alternatively, solar parking lots have the potential to be expansive enough to cover several dozen rows of parking spots, converting the lot into quite the considerable power generator.

Solar array canopies are also going mainstream because they optimize efficiency. Solar parking structures have advanced to the point that it is now possible to alter the panels’ angle to maximize exposure to the sun. The panels and canopy function as the structure’s roof, soaking up the sun while simultaneously providing shade for vehicles below.

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