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Solar Energy Solutions

Smart Home Solutions

Solar Energy Services

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In order to effectively reduce energy consumption, home owners and business owners all around the world are switching to green and more efficient technology. Renewable energy systems will help you save money over a long period of time. Lucent Energy Management is certified to install many different types of energy systems, including but not limited to Tesla Solar Roof, Powerwall and Megapack, Sunpower solar energy systems, Custom Ground Mount and Canopy solar energy systems, SPAN smart panels, Micro-grid energy systems, Lockheed Martin battery storage systems and others.

Battery Energy
Storage Systems (BESS)

Battery systems can be used for many different applications. Grid frequency curtailment, back-up energy storage, demand management and other operating services. It is extremely important that these systems are engineered and sized in the right manner. Lucent Energy has over 15 years combined energy storage experience designing and installing BESS for all types of customers including residential, commercial and utility applications.

Whether your system is a commercial-grade or utility-grade energy system, aesthetics and quality-control measures are always considered at Lucent Energy. Our goal is to exceed expectations of every client by offering outstanding customer service, increased flexibility and exceptional communication. As a direct installer for over 16 years, we have the knowledge and expertise to optimize system functionality and operation efficiency. Our team is distinguished by our functional and technical hands-on experience thereby ensuring that our clients receive the most effective and professional service.


There are many factors to consider with your renewable energy company. Are they proposing the accurate energy analysis/profile for your home or business? Or are they over-selling themselves in order to win your contract? Clearly, you want an accurate proposal, so you know what your accurate return on investment is going to be. You should also want to hire a licensed and experienced contractor to install your system. There are many factors to consider when it comes to the quality of your solar energy system. Every detail of wire management to fastening of all electric conductors are critical details you need to consider when evaluating your contractor. Call us today to find out the Lucent Energy difference.