We take great pride in performing high-quality installations and providing ongoing support

A Leader in Smart Home Solutions

Lucent Energy ’s mission is to surpass your expectations in every way possible. We accomplish this by providing the latest solar technology, high-quality installations, and exemplary customer service. At Lucent Energy, our solar solutions will be tailored to your unique home or business. We take great pride in performing high-quality installations and providing ongoing support, as necessary.

While plenty of other solar companies outsource installation work to others, we perform direct installations. In short, this direct approach makes us qualified to design, engineer, build, and maintain reliable renewable energy systems. Lean on our experienced team members for your solar energy installation and your property will be in good hands. We have unparalleled technical knowledge, hands-on experience, and the expertise necessary to design and install solar power in the proper manner without exception.

Developing alternative energy systems

Some of the latest home technology is manufactured by SPAN. Lucent Energy is a Certified SPAN installer and the premier installer for SPAN in the Northeast. SPAN is an amazing addition to our Tesla energy systems. The SPAN smart panel is an innovative home energy management system that provides real-time insights and control over electricity usage. It is designed to help homeowners monitor and optimize their energy consumption, reduce costs, and make informed decisions about their energy usage. With the SPAN smart panel, homeowners can set energy-saving goals and receive personalized recommendations to achieve them. The system utilizes machine learning algorithms to analyze historical data and make predictions about future energy usage. It suggests strategies to optimize energy consumption, such as adjusting thermostat settings, shifting appliance usage to off-peak hours, or identifying potential energy-efficient upgrades.

We Embrace the Challenge of a Perfect Solar Panel Installation

Because Lucent Energy retains complete control of the installation process, we can assure that our quality standards are consistently met. The result is a properly installed solar system that will reliably produce energy for your home or business for years to come. Remove the uncertainty of the quality of your solar system’s installation and production by selecting Lucent Energy to handle your solar project.

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