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Homes of all types and sizes are making the upgrade to renewable energy. Solar power can help a homeowner save more and more money every year with the constant utility rate increases. Electric is one of the highest expenses for a homeowner, investing in solar is a dependable way to lower this cost . Not only will solar lower your monthly costs, but it will increase the value of your home all while contributing to a sustainable future. The investment in renewable energy is forward thinking, efficient, green and profitable for generations to come. Lucent Energy Management focuses on systems that work, driving sustainability and are conducive to saving the planet.

Solar Panels

Solar energy is in and excessive electric bills are out. Solar panels will soon be the standard for homes of nearly every type. Our solar energy system designers will custom design a system to offset your energy consumption. Lucent Energy offers the highest quality, most efficient solar electric panels, with lower degradation schedules. This means that your solar panels not only make more electricity on day one, but they will also produce more electricity over the life of your system. We install only the best quality technology that has a financial foundation to backup their standard warranties. Solar panels have a standard efficiency warranty that can be as long as 30 years. Inverters have warranties beginning at 10 years.

Battery Energy Storage Systems

Battery energy storage systems (BESS), often integrated with solar panels, are a revolutionary solution for modern households seeking energy independence and sustainability. Serving as a compact energy storage system, it captures excess electricity generated during periods of low-demand or high sunlight and stores it for later use, reducing reliance on the grid during peak hours and further lowering utility bills. They also provide reliable backup power during outages or disturbances, ensuring continuous electricity supply and providing peace of mind for homeowners. BESS not only empowers homeowners with greater control over their energy consumption but also contributes to a cleaner, more sustainable future.

Electric Vehicle Home Charging Stations

EV charging stations provide the necessary infrastructure to support the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. Gone are the days to worry about cards and cash late at night, in unfamiliar locations. A residential EV charging station helps address some of the anxiety associated with EVs, by offering the most convenient location for EV owners to recharge their vehicles, home. Installing an EV charging station at home, coupled with your solar system, offers cost savings advantages that can benefit the homeowner and EV drivers. In a world where electric vehicle adoption is growing, having charging at your residence increases your home’s value, especially when paired with a solar energy system. This is just another step towards shrinking your carbon footprint and helping the environment!