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Tesla’s Solar and Battery Products, Backed by Lucent Energy’s ten-year workmanship warranty, Tesla allows you the same energy independence, elevated with amazing aesthetics. Installed by a team of specially trained experts with thorough attention to detail. Tesla energy products combine reliability, durability, and beautiful minimalist design. Raise the bar for renewable energy solutions for your home by selecting Tesla energy products.

Tesla Solar Roof

Experience the power of a Tesla-certified roof installation for your home.

Tesla’s Solar Roofing system ends the compromise between aesthetics and renewables. Now the solar IS the roof. Solar roof tiles blend seamlessly with non-solar tiles, providing a cohesive appearance for your home. Whether required by your discerning taste or a strict homeowner association, Tesla Solar Roofs meet your high aesthetic standards.

Lucent’s team has been hand-selected based on their superior attention to detail and craftsmanship, placing us head and shoulders above our competitors.
With our own Tesla-certified design team on staff, assuring that your system is designed to provide the best production and return on investment.
Our goal is to exceed your expectations with our beautiful, steadfast, and efficient solar roofs.
Incredibly reliable and efficient energy production is just the bonus to this premiere roof.

A roof so durable that it comes with a 25-year warranty. Tesla Solar Roof systems are built and installed to withstand the harsh weather conditions. The Strength to withstand coastal wind speeds and hail up to 1.75 inches in diameter; paired with the best fire rating makes this the safe and attractive option. Tesla’s Solar Roof system is unique in its advantages over other renewable energy systems, surpassing all others in performance, appearance, and innovative design. You can rely on Lucent Energy to provide you with a Tesla Solar Roof that has been custom-designed to specifically meet your needs.

Tesla Solar Panels

If it’s not time for a new roof, Tesla solar panels provide the perfect solution for homeowners who want to go solar at a lower investment point. Tesla solar panels are installed just over your existing traditional roof. Tesla brings their same sensitivity to minimal visual impact to their solar panel systems with rail-less mounting, all-black panels, and available black skirting all while still providing dense energy production. Find out just how good your return on investment can be with traditional Tesla solar panels.

Our Tesla panel-certified installers exercise the same attention to detail and commitment to quality as our Tesla roof installers. Using a unique superior installation method, we assure that you will enjoy reliable solar production and no leaks for years to come. Our Tesla-certified designers assure that the system designed for you meets your needs. Maximize your profitability while maintaining a polished aesthetics with low-profile Tesla panels.

Powerwall solutions offer flexibility. One Powerwall can keep your essential appliances running during outages or maximize your return on investment by time shifting the power your solar array produces on time-of-use billing structures. Produce and store power during the day and pull it from your Powerwall at night.

At Lucent Energy, our Tesla Powerwall-certified installers meet the highest industry standards, fully customizing it for your specific home energy needs and usage. Your Tesla Powerwall will detect electrical outages and switch to battery power automatically. The Lucent Energy team will design, install, and maintain the entire system so that it works flawlessly.

Several Powerwalls can power your entire home during an outage. Each system is custom-designed by our Tesla-certified designers to meet your needs and can expand to adapt to changing requirements.

Powerwall systems are fully automated to turn on when the grid is down and charge from your Tesla solar system when the sun is up. Powerwall systems allow you to store your excess solar energy and can keep your home running for days, regardless of what your power company is doing. Powerwall is maintenance-free, with a 10- year warranty and a usable capacity of 13.5 kWh.

Adding a Tesla Powerwall to your home solar system enables your home to become a self-renewing power plant, providing you with the peace of mind knowing that your home power will always stay on.

Why Choose Lucent Energy for your Tesla Roof?

Lucent Energy has an established relationship with Tesla and was one of the first in the nation to be selected to offer all their residential renewable energy products, thanks to our high standards and professional experience.

Our in-house designers, engineers, installers, and electricians work together to provide support before, during, and after your system is installed. Our consultants and administrators keep our clients informed on the status of their project, so they know what to expect throughout the process. Lucent Energy is dedicated to educating our customers while delivering the highest level of service and support for years to come.